Strep A Test Strips (25 Tests)



  • Strep Test Results in minutes: Allows for POC rapid treatment to reduce the risks related to overtreatment and to provide better patient care.
  • 96% Accuracy: Reliable result that you can trust.
  • Two-color results: Easy to read results eliminate mistakes in interpretation.
  • Excellent format for throat infection on Point of Care Testing
  • Reduces the number o...

The Strep A Test is a chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Strep A antigen from throat swab specimens from symptomatic patients to aid in the diagnosis of Group A Streptococcal Infection. All negative test results should be confirmed by bacterial culture because negative results do not preclude Group A Strep infection and should not be used as the sole basis for treatment. The test is intended for use in the physician's offices, hospitals, and clinical laboratories



Interpretation of Results

Positive (+)
Colored bands are visible in both the control region and the test region. It indicates a positive result for Strep A antigen.

Negative (-)
A colored band is visible only in the control region. No colored band appears in the test region. It indicates that the concentration of the Strep A antigen is zero or below the detection limit of the test.

No visible colored band at all, or there is a visible colored band only in the test region but not in the control region. Repeat with a new test kit. If test still fails, please contact manufacturer or the distributor for technical assistance.



Benefits of a Rapid Strep Test

Sore throats can be caused by either viruses or bacteria. It is important to distinguish between the two because viral sore throats do not respond to antibiotics. Several viruses, including those that cause the common cold, can trigger upper respiratory infections, leading to a sore throat. Viral sore throats typically resolve on their own with home care measures. Streptococcal infections, commonly known as strep throat, are less common but require antibiotic treatment to prevent complications. Rapid strep tests are essential for accurately identifying strep throat. Untreated strep throat can lead to serious complications, such as kidney problems and rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever manifests as painful and inflamed joints, a rash, and even damage to heart valves.

When a rapid strep throat test is performed, it will determine whether a patient's sore throat is viral or bacterial. Every year, 15 million Americans see the doctor for a sore throat, and 70 percent of them receive antibiotics to treat it, according to the Infectious Diseases Society of America. When a rapid strep test shows a negative result for bacterial infection, it reduces the number of unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions written by physicians. This is because antibiotics are ineffective against viral infections, which account for the majority of sore throats. A study of over 70,000 rapid strep tests performed on patients under 15 years old with a sore throat revealed that only 24% were positive for group A streptococcal pharyngitis. Home strep tests have the potential to eliminate the need for doctor's visits for many patients with a sore throat.


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