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DrugTestingSupplies.com has an established nationwide network of laboratories and collection sites to perform drug screening and confirmation services for any individual or corporate client. Our easy-to-use online ordering system is completely customizable to fit your specific testing needs. Contact our team today to learn more about getting your account set up

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In a world where outsourcing and AI tools and replacements are becoming the new normal, the team at DrugTestingSupplies.com is committed to providing customer service the way it should be - by answering the phone ourselves. We take pride in the fact that we give the same amount of attention and service to all our clients, no matter how big or small.

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Simple Ordering and Results Tracking

Ordering a lab test has never been easier. For single tests, simply choose the testing package you need, input your information and choose the testing location nearest you. Results are delivered automatically once available to your email address.

For corporate clients who need to order tests frequently, our web-based ordering portal is easy to use and automates the entire testing process. Quickly schedule a test for your employee or candidate by sending a link to their email for them to choose the nearest collection site. Once they report to the location, the results are reviewed by the Medical Review Officer (MRO) and automatically uploaded to your online portal. Everything is stored in a single place for easy access. You can even record your rapid drug testing results in the same portal if needed.


Save Time and Money

Many companies that do lab based drug screening work directly with local or private labs, which can end up being costly and slowing down your hiring process by waiting for results. Results through our system are typically available within a few days, and you are able to customize your notifications so results are accessed as soon as possible. We also offer wholesale laboratory test pricing which allows us to provide discounts to many of our corporate clients.

In addition, DrugTestingSupplies.com offers rapid drug testing kits, which are a widely used tool to do onsite screening. This allows you to obtain preliminary results within 15 minutes right at your jobsite. By using a combination of rapid testing and laboratory confirmation services, you will be able to reduce the number of costly lab send outs by screening the negative results out with rapid kits, and sending only the non-negative rapid results to the lab for confirmation. Rapid tests are a fraction of the cost of a lab test, so companies who do large volumes of testing can save time and money by using this method.


Reasons For Drug Testing

According to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration), substance abuse costs businesses in the United States approximately $140 billion annually. This includes an increase in workers who use drugs like Cocaine and Ecstasy. As a result, businesses worldwide are now performing random drug tests to weed out employees who use drugs while on the job and even during their day off.

When employers implement random drug testing programs, they can establish a robust deterrent against drug abuse, especially at work. While periodic drug testing is also efficient and covers the whole staff, they can alert the employees of an upcoming screen test, giving them ample time to alter their behavior, abstain or find a way to cheat the test.

But with random drug testing programs, you can cover all your workers randomly – which is more effective in exposing employees who abuse drugs – creating a safe and productive environment. Also, focus on saliva drug testing since it's more accurate and harder to cheat the test. Before we jump into more depth, let's take a look at some of the benefits of a drug-free workplace:

Wrapping It Up

In summary, random drug screening tests are vital for businesses. This is especially true in this era since drugs and alcohol can be easily obtained. For construction or transport companies, drug testing has always been a requirement. However, the benefits of drug testing extend across every industry. And with the availability of drug testing supplies and plenty of kits for a drug test for sale, it is very easy to detect several drugs at once.

The math is pretty simple - drug screening tests can save you and earn you tons of money. That is why most small to large-scale companies worldwide are keen to test new and existing employees for drug use.

If you would like to create a productive workforce and minimize thefts and conflicts while increasing morale in your employees, consider implementing random drug testing programs. We can walk you through the entire drug screening process to ensure you've hired productive and skilled workers and weed out any person who could lose your company money.

For more information, visit our website or call us, and we'll get back to you shortly.

Benefits of Laboratory Based Testing

Importance of Laboratory Confirmation Testing

As an employer, you owe a duty of care to your staff that matches the expectations you have of them, individually and collectively. While there are numerous ways for you to achieve this, one that may be easy to overlook and is potentially costly is drug abuse.

According to the National Safety Council, employees with substance abuse disorders miss an average of 24.6 days (nearly five weeks) annually. This is two weeks more than the average employee.

Aside from the lost productivity, such employees are a danger to themselves and their colleagues. With increasing concern about workplace safety, employers want to ensure that their employees or potential candidates have not recently abused drugs.

Laboratory confirmation testing is an advanced drug screening method to confirm a positive result, ensuring accuracy and peace of mind for employers. In this article, you'll learn why confirmation testing is so important regarding employee drug screening.

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